Buying an As-Is Vehicle – What you need to know…

Buying an As-Is Vehicle – What you need to know…


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What are my rights if I buy a car “AS IS”?

The Federal Trade Commission requires a paper called the Buyers Guide to be posted in every used car being sold by a used car dealer.  The Guide will tell you whether the car is being sold “AS IS” or whether there is some warranty. If the car you are buying has this Guide with the “AS IS” disclaimer, this means that the dealer is not giving you any guarantees about the condition of the car.  As required, Glory Auto Sales does post this on each and every car on our lot and we also provide a copy of it with each purchase for your own records.

“As is” means the dealer has no obligation to make any repairs on a car you buy.  BEFORE you agree to buy a car AS IS, you should test drive the car under a variety of conditions.  Also, it’s your right to subject any used car you’re considering buying from Glory Auto Sales or any other dealer, to a pre-purchase inspection by an independent, professional mechanic, one well versed in that particular make and model.

Why do people buy “as is” vehicles?

Quite frankly if you’re assuming all the risk, you’re entitled to a better price. This is why it is paramount to do your research before venturing onto a car lot to even talk about buying a car. There are dealers that sell new cars or certified pre-owned cars however there is a premium price that comes along with those options.  And the bottom line is that not all new or certified cars come with an explicit warranty either.

How Glory Auto Sales helps decide on the right car for you:

Warranty – All vehicle purchases over $2,500 include a 90 day/3,000 mile warranty from an independent warranty company called ASC Warranty.  This type of coverage will cover up to $1,000 in repairs on parts such as the engine, transmission, axle, seals, gaskets and more.  You can read more about our warranty program here.

Offsite inspection – You are always welcome to have your mechanic stop by Glory Auto Sales to inspect a vehicle you are interested in.  We also offer the option of taking the vehicle offsite to do an even more thorough inspection.  If you decide to do an offsite inspection we do require you to be preapproved to purchase a vehicle.

Basic in-house repairs – In some cases our customers have approached us to perform basic repairs in our onsite repair shop.  Glory Auto Sales can perform certain repairs by request at your expense.  When we perform these services we only charge a wholesale labor rate and add no markup to any parts that may be required.

The staff at Glory Auto Sales always strives to give our customers as much information as we can to help them make the best choices they can when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.  That is why we also provide the VIN numbers for most cars right on our website so you can do any research you like before you pick a car to test drive. We are here to help.  Just give us a call to discuss your neds.

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